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Why choose home euthanasia?

Saying goodbye is hard enough without having to make that last trip to the office, especially if your pet is afraid of the vet or doesn't travel well.  While sometimes it is impossible to get a hold of a mobile vet to come to your home for end-of-life care, if you can, I believe it is one of the most gracious gifts you can give to your pet and your family.

While some people are concerned about home euthanasia at home because they are worried it will leave them with bad memories about saying goodbye in their house, what I have found over the years is that actually, people draw great comfort by knowing their pet was relaxed, unafraid, and at peace. Over time, these memories, along with all the memories about times shared with their pet, overcome any unease about having said goodbye in the home.

Personally, I find it absolutely beautiful to see a pet lying in his or her favorite place, be that under the table, in their owner's bed, or outside in their yard when they pass. I believe giving them this chance is an absolute gift, both to them and to your family. 

People also frequently ask me "how can you do this?" The answer is "How could I not?" How could I deny a suffering pet the chance to float away in the safety of his home, with his people by his side? I would want no less for any of my pets or any of my people, truth be told. We all die someday, that is an absolute, so the only things in our control is defining how. I am honored to help you set your pet free, on his and your terms.


Our Team

Dr. Rachele has been working for many years bringing comfort to pets and their people when it is time to say goodbye. She has loved many pets, is comfortable working with people of all ages (that includes children). We are open to all questions and will do everything in our power to make this goodbye as gentle as it can be.  

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Rachele Berger

Veterinary Assistant and Animal Lover

Our Team
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